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Russia’s legal system is complex and very different from that of Europe. Russia is characterized by language barriers, local customs and bureaucracy. Debtcollection Company has the right connections in Russia to get your claim paid as soon as possible. Read here what you can do yourself and how you can start debt collection in Russia.

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Debt collection in Russia: an international network

Our firm cooperates with proven Russian collection lawyers. Based on your case documents, the file is scanned for its legal merits and a strategy is determined. By working with local debt collection Russia professionals, we can offer our services throughout Russia and benefit optimally from the necessary know-how of the debt collection Russia specialists on the spot. We direct international debt collection processes.

Extrajudicial debt collection Russia

A sophisticated debt collection strategy always begins with the drafting of a proper summons, in Russian, accompanied by any supporting documents, with a clear deadline. We repeat this if there is no response. In this way we form the file. If there is a reaction, such as a dispute about your claim, we weigh the defense and assess its value. Is the dispute unfounded? Then Russia offers good judicial debt collection Russia possibilities.

Debt collection Russia? Where will you litigate?

In debt collection Russia there is always the important question: what if a Russian debtor does not pay? Which court should then take cognizance of the dispute – the one in the country of you as the creditor or of your Russian debtor? And which law should be applied? Russian? Or Dutch? Or the law of another country? Based on the file, the Russia collection specialists will give you sound advice and determine the strategy.

Another important factor in debt collection in Russia is: where does your debtor have assets to attach? In Russia or also abroad?

The legal procedure in debt collection Russia

Legal proceedings in debt collection Russia begin by filing a reasoned petition with the appropriate court, located in the debtor’s region. Within a month there will be an initial hearing, at which debtor and creditor will be heard, along with their lawyers. Usually there is a judgment within three to four months. Within one month after the verdict, a party can appeal. And only if that has not happened can the creditor apply to the court for an enforcement order. With this, an attachment can be made.

Appeal in debt collection Russia

Are you being appealed? Or do you want to appeal? If so, those proceedings usually take only two months. And that is short. However, this appeal judgment can be enforced immediately. In theory it is possible to appeal against this verdict again, in cassation. However, the cassation judge no longer rules on the facts. Only on the course of the proceedings.

Attachment (enforcement) in debt collection Russia

A judgment can be used to make an attachment. An important part of debt collection Russia is garnishment. The Russian government has established a certain staff, which is in charge of enforcing court judgments, the so-called Federal Bailiffs Service or Federal Service of Court Bailiffs part of the Ministry of Justice. As of February 1, 2008, Russia has new legislation prescribing the actions and capabilities of this staff service, including with respect to garnishment.

In Russia, it is possible for a creditor himself, with an enforcement order from the court, to a) engage a bailiff or b) approach a banking institution and request a bank attachment. Within 3 days of receiving the request, the bank must then make a statement: funds affected or not and also transfer the funds. Does the bank not seize funds within this period? Then the bank will receive a penalty of 50% of the value of the total judgment. And you as a creditor can then collect that.

A bailiff who takes on the collection of the Russia judgement gives your debtor 5 days to pay, to start with. No payment? Then the Russian state levies a tax on the principal sum from the judgment – by your debtor to pay – and also bailiffs impose fines by not paying on time. Naturally, your debtor must also pay all the costs of garnishments and the costs of sales of property or vehicles, for example

What to seize in debt collection Russia?

Attachment can be made in Russia to:

  • movable property,
  • income from employment,
  • bank accounts,
  • other claims,
  • other property rights,
  • real estate,
  • ships.

Due to fast and decisive action by our bailiff, your claim is quickly collected and the chances of success are also maximum for collection Russia.

Did you know this about debt collection Russia?

  1. There are two types of courts in Russia: a general court dealing with labor law, divorces, consumer rights, etc., and arbitration court, in charge of business disputes and bankruptcy settlements.
  2. Many claims in debt collection Russia are therefore started in the latter category.
  3. In Russia, previous judgments of judges cannot serve as a source of law.
  4. If in Russia a bank does not seize the debtor within three days of receiving a judgement, the bank itself becomes liable for 50% of the amount of the judgement.
  5. In Russia almost every party appeals.
  6. The time limit for lodging an appeal in Russia is one month.
  7. In Russia, a bailiff imposes fines for failure to pay on time.
  8. In Russia, the bailiff cooperates with the police during the attachment process.

The Collection Company active in all 85 subareas

Russia is a federation consisting of 85 subdivisions (Russian: субъект(ы); subjekty, singular subjekt).It does not matter where in Russia you have something to claim, the Collection Company is active in all sub-areas,

Wat heeft u nodig voor uw incasso Rusland dossier?

Starting a collection Russia file is easy. It is not a problem if you do not have all the documents. Send us what you do have. Our collection specialists will be happy to help you with this.

  • A copy of the agreements, for example, an agreement, an e-mail message, fax message or simply a WhatsApp message or a text message
  • Copy of your invoices
  • Copy of your reminders
  • A copy of your general terms and conditions
  • Any proof of delivery

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    • Conducting various proceedings under Russian law
    • Advising on contracts and conditions
    • Arranging for the assignment of real estate attachments
    • Credit information on debtors established in Russia
    • Other legal proceedings

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