Willems, M.

Didn’t expect it to go fast. Unbelievable that you are busy for ages and then you finally hire someone else and then they can suddenly pay. It’s good that these types of collection companies exist.

Miranda Swier

My experience with this company is very positive. Very attentive, friendly and knowledgeable staff. Very customer friendly. You get the feeling that your business, no matter how small, matters. And that we are really committed to solving it. That also worked. I advise anyone who has problems with companies or webshops to contact this collection […]

Gerard Blok

Free debt collection advice. Friendly help from a smart lawyer. Obtained information about a particular case. On that basis decided not to take any action. You benefit more from honest advice than from a lawyer who just starts everything. Definitely come back when I have some again.

M. ten Broeke

An absolute must! On behalf of our Association of Owners – for which I manage – I have offered a large number of unpaid monthly contributions for collection. All amounts were paid within a few days! If you are looking for a collection party that really delivers, then I can recommend this collection agency. – […]

Sandra Elstgeest

In the beginning it was a bit confusing because of the many email traffic, but that also has to do with my disability. I was kept well informed and with the little information I could give about the site and the debtor, they still managed to recover my money.

Guino Koch

I was at my wits end when the landlord had unlawfully settled the remainder of my deposit. Search the internet for a specialist and guess what? Received everything within 10 days. It cost me absolutely nothing and only yielded. My headaches are gone! Good contact and super customer friendly.

Merlijn Elferink

I have filed a collection against one of the largest furniture stores (I will not name it). It is unbelievable that large companies simply refuse to pay. Fortunately, you don’t have to take that. Shortly after the case was started, I saw the amount appearing in my bank account. I’m glad I took the step. […]

B. David

Fast and good service. We first looked for information and were soon contacted by an employee of this company. They explained to us how they work and how they handle it financially and immediately asked what kind of business we were dealing with. They handled everything quickly for us and our problems with the other […]


Money lent to an acquaintance. The loan had to be claimed first. I was also unsure of my debtor’s address. After constantly chasing after it, I was fed up. I called in the collection agency and thanks to the strategic route they had devised for me, it was paid in one go! I can’t believe […]

H Verhage

I received very good guidance from this company, had to take all kinds of steps and with the help of an employee this is very good luck, I was able to take all the time.