About us

The story behind

The Collection Company is a leading player in the field of collection, both in the field of credit management and in the legal field. A club of intelligent and committed professionals founded the company. We collect from a beautiful business building in the center of The Hague where many thousands of euros are recovered daily for our hard-working clients. With our sophisticated strategies we have only one goal: recovery.

The smart strategic deployment of all available resources and a wealth of experience make us a solid partner for both large and small companies and institutions. We are an indispensable addition to a healthy company. We enjoy working for motivated entrepreneurs and are happy to share our successes with them.

We do things differently

The Dutch market for debt claims is not very innovative and not transparent. We see it as our mission to make a difference. Especially when high stakes are involved. We do not like fully automated printed standard letters, nor do we shy away from a disputed claim or a legal dispute. We give each case our maximum attention by setting ourselves performance targets. Only then will the ultimate result be achieved.

Like it’s in the name

Like it’s in the name, we only do what we are good at: collecting. We always start without the intervention of coercive and legal means. As a result, we collect more than 91% of all claims. This is also due to our uncompromising efforts in the legal or judicial process, which has proven itself. Through the efforts of passionate lawyers and inspired advocates, we have an unprecedented high success rate of over 92% (2020) and 95% (2021).

Passion for the job

Our passionate employees invariably make every day a challenge and our respected customers continuously help to improve our peak service. We are constantly expanding our knowledge and therefore come up with the most appropriate solutions. With our own modern technologies, optimal accessibility for clients and debtors. Always getting expert and honest advice, which our clients are entitled to. This is how we provide inspired entrepreneurs with the growth their businesses need.