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Collection Company seizes airplane

Airplane seized by the Collection Company

This week we had a Fokker 70 of Tus Airways seized on behalf of a captain.

The judge in Maastricht has given permission for this. The aircraft is now on the tether at Maastricht Aachen Airport.

It is rare for an aircraft to be seized. There is a specific law that regulates how a foreign aircraft can be seized.

Because of the seizure, the aircraft is now not allowed to take to the air as long as the seizure is on it.

The creditor, a captain hired by Tus Airways, entered into an agreement to provide training for pilots and crew and to conduct so-called shakedown flights. These are test flights to accustom pilots and crew to a new type of aircraft (the Fokker 100 purchased by Tus Airways). Tus Airways has not paid an amount of EUR 40,000 in bills.

Tus Airways cannot file for bankruptcy in the Netherlands. Otherwise this would be a faster way to collect. Our client therefore chose to have one of the aircraft seized. The judge in Maastricht found the seizure more than justified.

Because of the corona virus, the website of the airline has become unusable for the public. Incidentally, any corona excuse (for not paying) from Tus Airways does not stand up. The claim dates back to 2018. All this time they have not wanted to pay.

Response mr. drs. Joost Konings, director of the Collection Agency:

Tus Airways is a company based in Cyprus. It has no known assets in the Netherlands. The seizure ensures that the aircraft can no longer enter the airspace and that it can no longer be sold. I therefore expect that Tus Airways will not wait long to come up with payment. An aircraft on the ground only costs money. 

Aviation News reports the following: Fokker 70 seized at Maastricht Aachen Airport.

Dagblad de Limburger headlines: Judge impounds Tus Airways fokker 70 at MAA.

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