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Are you doing business in Albania and do you have a customer who doesn’t want to pay your invoice? Are you entitled to compensation from someone in Albania? Or do you have another outstanding claim? Collection Company specializes in international debt collection services. With a team of local attorneys, bailiffs and lawyers in Albania, we will get your money back.

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Specialized in debt collection in Albania

Outstanding invoices and other bills are always unpleasant, especially when your debtor is located abroad. After all, you do not speak the language and are not familiar with local customs and the legal system in albania. How can you recover your money? What are your rights? 

Fortunately, the international debt collection specialists at Collection Company know exactly how to collect your claim in Albania. We can rely on an extensive network of local experts whom we engage to efficiently collect your claim.

Moreover, as our client, you communicate with a dedicated english contact. You do not have to communicate with the local parties in Albania.

You can monitor the progress of the process 24/7 through our online cockpit. Would you like to learn more about the debt collection procedure in Albania? Request a free consultation with a collection specialist.

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    How does debt collection work in Albania?

    The debt collection process in Albania consists of two interconnected stages: amicable debt collection and a judicial procedure. 

    Amicable collection, also known as extrajudicial or out-of-court debt collection, involves ways to recover the outstanding debt without going to court. This is usually the most cost-effective and quick approach. 

    If your debtor refuses to pay during the extrajudicial phase, you have the right to take legal action. This is referred to as judicial debt collection.

    Extrajudicial debt collection in Albania

    Since legal procedures can take a long time, we always try to collect your claim through an amicable debt collection process first. We send your debtor a reminder and if we don’t receive a response, we gradually increase the pressure. We not only send letters but also try to contact your debtor by phone.

    In total, we contact your debtor 16 times within three weeks, urging them to pay. We explain the consequences if they don’t pay (increasing debt collection costs and legal proceedings). Most debtors pay during this phase.

    Extrajudicial collection

    The amicable phase of the debt collection procedure consists of all actions we take to collect the outstanding debt, before we take legal action. This includes sending payment reminders and collection notices to the debtor. We send these in Albanian.

    Additionally, we also try to contact the debtor by phone and email. We gradually increase the pressure throughout the process. Ultimately, we inform the debtor that we will take legal action if payment is not made, and that the legal costs will be borne by the debtor. Most defaulters choose to pay the outstanding amount at that point.

    In total, during the amicable process, there are 16 points of contact with the debtor over a period of 3 weeks.

    Judicial debt collection

    In most cases, we are able to collect your outstanding claim in the extrajudicial process. But what if we are dealing with a persistent non-payer? Unfortunately, there is no other option but to start a legal procedure.

    Have you delivered goods or services as agreed and sent an invoice for it? If the payment term of the invoice has expired by 30 days and the debtor does not dispute the invoice, then in Albania an invoice has an enforceable title. This means that we can immediately approach a bailiff’s office to seize assets from the debtor.

    Does the debtor dispute the claim? Then we can initiate a procedure at a local court. In that case, the judge will rule on the dispute and make a judgment. If the judge rules in your favor, a bailiff can seize assets from your debtor with the court’s judgment.

    How does debt collection in Albania work?

    Step 1

    We will start the procedure by sending a written demand to your debtor. This is important because it provides us with evidence that we have actually requested a payment. If necessary, we will contact your debtor 16 times over a period of 3 weeks.

    Step 2

    If payment is still outstanding, we will send a final reminder. In this letter, we will inform your debtor that we will take legal action if payment is not made by the date mentioned in the letter. We will explicitly state that your debtor is responsible for the legal costs.

    Step 3

    If your debtor chooses not to pay the amount owed, we can actually initiate a legal procedure (in consultation with you as the creditor). During the lawsuit, your interests will be represented by the lawyers and attorneys we work with in Albania.

    Interim measures in Albania

    You certainly don’t want your debtor to have the opportunity to hide or sell their assets leading up to or during the lawsuit. To ensure there is something left to recover once we have a judgment, we can request the court in Albania to secure certain belongings as a precaution. This is done before your debtor is notified of the impending lawsuit. 

    Such an attachment acts as a strong leverage tool on your debtor. After all, they can no longer access their money or use their assets. Most debtors will therefore choose to pay after all.

    Enforcement procedures in Albanië

    To be able to seize the assets of your debtor, we collaborate with bailiff offices in Albania. Once we have obtained an enforceable title, the bailiff can seize assets of your debtor. An undisputed claim in Albania has an enforceable title 30 days after the expiration of the due date. It is therefore possible to seize assets without having to go to court.

    Does your debtor dispute the claim? Then we must first go to court. If the judge grants your claim, then we can proceed with the seizure. The bailiff can seize both income and bank accounts, as well as physical items. These will be publicly auctioned by the bailiff. You, as the creditor, will be paid from the proceeds of the seizure. The bailiff is also authorized to collect bailiff costs and interest directly from your debtor.

    Filing for bankruptcy in Albania

    If your debtor is unable to pay their debts (at present or in the near future) or if their debts exceed the value of their assets, it is possible to file for their bankruptcy in Albania. In that case, the court will appoint a trustee who will take control of the business operations and finances and investigate the debtor’s situation. Based on the trustee’s advice, the court decides whether to declare bankruptcy or not.

    If your debtor is declared bankrupt, the court will attempt to pay off all creditors from the bankrupt estate. Filing for bankruptcy is a strong pressure tactic. Your debtor naturally wants to avoid bankruptcy, so there is a good chance they will try to prevent bankruptcy by paying off the outstanding invoice. In that case we can withdraw the bankruptcy petition.

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      Areas of debt collection in Albania

      It doesn’t matter if you are an entrepreneur with outstanding invoices or an individual waiting for compensation, Collection Company ensures that individuals and business entities get what they are entitled to. We do this with the help of local experts who have extensive knowledge of the local legal system and applicable laws and regulations. This allows us to assist you with claims in various legal domains, such as:

      1. Construction law
      2. Rental and leasing
      3. Buying and selling
      4. Labor law
      5. Agency agreement
      6. Transport
      7. Damages and wrongful acts

      We work directly for clients as well as intermediaries (such as law firms and accounting firms).

      How else can we assist you in Albania?

      • Advice on drafting contracts and terms
      • Credit information on Albanian companies
      • Disputes with trustees, for example regarding retention of title and right of lien
      • Mediation in reaching private settlements (such as settlements)

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        Are you a private person or a company?

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        FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about debt collection in Albania

        In order to successfully execute a debt collection in Albania, we would like to receive as many relevant documents as possible from you regarding your claim. For example, we would like to receive documents such as the purchase agreement, a written contract, and a bank statement showing payments and deposits. This allows us to build your case file.

        We understand that you may not always have all the documents. That’s not a problem. Consult with our collections specialist to discuss what you do have to support your claim.

        We kindly request (as many as possible) the following documents for debt collection in Albania:

        • (Copies of) agreements, email messages, fax confirmations, etc.
        • A summary of what has been agreed upon
        • (Copies of) sent invoices
        • (Copies of) sent reminders
        • Your general terms and conditions (digital or on paper)
        • Proof of delivery

        How long it takes to collect your money can vary depending on the case. Our aim is to complete the out-of-court procedure within 3 weeks. Afterward, you can choose to initiate a judicial procedure. The duration of this process depends on the complexity of your claim and the availability of the court to handle the case.

        In Albania, most claims have a statute of limitations of 10 years. This period starts on the day the claim becomes final. This is the case, for example, when your debtor does not dispute the claim or when the court has made a ruling with no further appeal options available.

        The European Payment Order is a simplified procedure for collecting uncontested cross-border claims in all EU member states (except Denmark). Albania is a candidate for EU membership but not yet a full EU member state. Therefore, at this moment, a European Payment Order cannot be requested for a claim in Albania.

        If you engage a debt recovery agency in Albania, you will first encounter a language barrier. At Collection Company your case will be handled by English-speaking international debt collection specialists. They will stay in touch with you and the local experts. Therefore, you do not have to communicate directly with the parties in Albania.

        Additionally, you do not have to search for local specialists for the various phases of the debt collection process yourself. We work with an extensive network of the best local bailiffs and lawyers, allowing us to execute the entire debt collection process for you.

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